MorfikDev and Morfik Brasil networks moving to Morfik Watch

If you have been member of either the MorfikDev or the Morfik Brasil networks in Ning, I wish to welcome you to Morfik Watch.  Due to changes in policy by Ning it was becoming unfeasible to maintain both networks and this website, so I decided to bring everything together at Forums have been created for the […]

Morfik seems to be stirring again

It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything on MorfikWatch.  Not too long ago someone asked me about it and I replied that I wasn’t posting because there wasn’t much to write about. After releasing Morfik 3.0 and a couple of hotfixes/patches for it, Altium seemed to let the product go dormant.  Not much […]

Altium changes Morfik licensing

Okay, the news is two days old now… I’m sorry it took me so long post about it, but I’ve gifted with a very bad case of the flu for the past couple of days. It isn’t easy to formulate an informed opinion, much less write about it when you are running a high fever and having difficulty to breath.

Altium completes the acquisition of Morfik

Australian tech sites are reporting that Morfik’s acquisition by Altium has been completed. I understand that the acquisition initiative had to follow specific procedures due to the fact that Altium is a publicly traded company and thus needs to comply with the corresponding rules.

Altium to acquire Morfik

The announcement of Morfik’s acquisition by Altium is reason enough to bring me out of the woodwork and comment a bit. The news has been spreading around the IT news sites quite rapidly.