What is Morfik?

I decided to start this new blog answering the simple question: What is Morfik? Morfik is a company from Australia which created the most advanced web development tool available in the market, called Morfik AppsBuilder. As it happens most users of the product just call it Morfik, for short, which creates a bit of confusion.

Okay, I recognize that my above defition begs some clarification. Why is Morfik the most advanced web development tool available in the market? It has a unique combination of concepts and features that essentially make it the most productive and sophisticated set of tools for creating, ajax-based, highly interactive web applications.

In essence, Morfik enables a person with mid-level skills and experience in tools such as Visual Basic, Delphi or similar to create highly flexible and powerful interactive, database-driven, web applications using Ajax. All this can be acomplished without the developer needing to know anything about HTML, CSS, XML or Javascript. In reality the developer doesn’t even need to know what Ajax is, in order to make the most out it.

Morfik combines a visual design environment with high-level object-oriented language compilers to allow you to write all of your application in the same language regardless of were the code will run. It comes with an extensive application framework including, but not limited to, a sophisticated set of controls which support an amazing set of visual effects.

Morfik AppsBuilder has been available, in its 1.x versions, for a bit over a year now and a clear pattern has emerged in the people that I have seen using it and showing interest in doing so. They are, mostly, software developers. People with experience developing complex applications and off-the-shelf products that quickly grasp the potential advantage of having the same, or an even higher, level of visual design abilities they have in tools for traditional software development such as Visual Studio, Delphi or XCode, combined with a object-oriented framework and high-level language compilers.

With the upcoming release of M2 this group should continue to grow, but will probably be joinned by people looking to create great looking web sites quickly and easily. The wealth of visual design features available in this new release make the creation of great looking sites to be almost trivial. All you need to bring to the party is good taste. Morfik essentially provides everything else you need.

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