Web development for desktop developers

Morfik AppsBuilder completely changes the rules of the Web development for people with experience in desktop software development. This was one of the first that jumped at me when I saw my first demo of AppsBuilder.

Before Morfik came along with its compiler and development environment, Web development was mostly centered around text editors and scripting which were intermixed, but loosely coupled. Morfik changes all that by bringing to Web development the same RAD philosophy which has become a huge success for the development of desktop applications on Windows.

RAD or Rapid Application Development is a technique where you design the interface of your application visually and add glue code through the use of an event driven model. The event model was already present in the browser’s underlying DOM (Document Object Model) and JavaScript engines and is well integrated into Morfik’s visual designer.

The bottom line is that a AppsBuilder allows a developer who is familiar with a tool such as Delphi or Visual Basic to not only become productive quickly, but to actually outdo an experienced Web developer that uses conventional tools.

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