Extending your gradient options in Morfik 2.0

Morfik AppsBuilder 2.0 introduced a large number of visual effects that can be applied to controls and Form bands. Among these effects is the gradient effect, which is used frequently in a lot of web pages and applications.

Despite the fact that Morfik provides a large number of options for the gradient effect, it does restrict them somewhat when the control or band you are formatting is using a very dark or very light color. The form designer only offers you dark gradient options when the control is using a light color and light options went it is using a dark color. This can be a bit limiting when, for example, you want to have a gradient that goes from a light color to an even lighter one.

You can work around this limitation by temporarily altering the color of the control or band to a darker or lighter color (depending on the case) and then selecting the specific gradient option you want to use. When you return to the original color, the gradient selection is retained by the control or band.

It is probable that this limitation will removed by Morfik in a future release, as it is not a technical limitation and it makes little sense to take away formatting options that the product already supports. In the mean time, you can get around this small limitation by using this simple workaround.

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