Morfik 2.0 needs a "clean" theme

Having experimented with several of the built in themes in Morfik 2.0 I came to the conclusion that it should have a theme with more of a “clean” look. I really like the some of the themes that are bundled, including the one called “Default” which, not surprisingly, is the default one, but I really like to build web applications which have more of a clean look to them.

I prefer to work with white backgrounds, light and bright colors and add some visual effects (sparingly) for effect. I get this feeling that when you use too much of the visual effects at the same time, they loose a bit of their appeal, as they kind of “interfere” with each other.

Most of the themes that are bundled are just a bit too “rich” on visual effects to be to my liking and I really think that a “plainer”, “cleaner” theme should be added to the built-in theme collection.

Of course, you can create your own theme with its own set of visual effects, colors, fonts, etc. I have done exactly this, twice already, but I’m not yet up to the same level of polish as the bundled themes display.

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