Morfik Applications and Search Engines

The same forum post that called my attention to also reminded me about how badly websites that are heavy on Ajax perform in regards to search engines. Morfik applications are probably as heavy as you can get on Ajax, considering that Morfik apps are composed of a lot of Javascript and a little HTML.

What this means is that Morfik built applications do not fare well when it comes to having their content crawled by search engines. In fact, this is the primary reason why this blog is implemented using a general blogging service, instead of running on a custom built Morfik application.

Another recent post on the Morfik forums, this one by Aram Mirkazemi, Morfik’s founder and CEO, promises some improvements in the area of Search Engine Optimization for an upcoming release. Those of us interested in creating websites, instead of or in addition to web applications, can now cross our fingers and hope that this means the 2.1 release that was also mentioned. This would mean that we could be using Morfik in website building a lot sooner than I had expected.

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