Morfik advantages that are not so obvious

Recently I was showing a friend how an application could be developed using Morfik AppsBuilder, when he was called away to look at some deployment issues with a ASP.NET application he developed. Since we were together I started to follow what he had to do to solve those issues and was amazed at how many different problems he was having.

It has been now over a week and he is still having issues with deployment. What really impressed me in this is that it is not problem that is directly related to the application he built. It is a complexity problem inherent to the Microsoft ASP.NET environment. Most of the issues he had were related to environment configuration and component dependency and versioning. He had oriented the support staff to move the application from test to production environment and the it was the differences in configuration between these two environments that caused all the issues.

Of course, a Morfik AppsBuilder application is also dependent on environment configuration, but it has far fewer dependencies than what you get with an application that has been built with Microsoft tools or even with Java. This simplicity makes Morfik-built applications ideal for scenarios where there is a small or no support staff. It also makes them a very good options for deploying to end-user desktop and notebook computers.

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