New Morfik site: hidden clues of what is to come…

Doing a quick scan of the new Morfik website, searching for a specific bit of information I noticed that as I moved my mouse over links, their corresponding URLs/Paths were shown in the statusbar. If you haven’t yet noticed, this is not only unusual, but totally out of character for a regular Morfik application.

Your everyday Morfik application uses a JavaScript event handler to treat clicks on on hyperlinks and therefore does not display any information on the statusbar. This made me curious and so I started passing my mouse pointer over just about anything I could find that remotely resembled a hyperlink. To my surprise, this was not an isolated event. Pretty much all links, I passed the pointer over, displayed such paths on the statusbar.

This seems like a great step forward for Morfik as whatever the technique that is being used, it should make Morfik-built websites that much more friendly to the search engines. The other main issue with getting a Morfik application indexed by a search engine was the fact that a Morfik website/App is extremely heavy on JavaScript, with very little actual HTML text to be indexed.

With this thought in mind I decided to run a test on the new website. I disabled JavaScript in my Safari browser and keyed to reload the website. The result was nothing short of phenomenal as very similar version of the JavaScript-heavy website came up. I was so astonished that the first thing I did was take a couple of screen shots, just to make sure I had this documented if they decided to make any changes that prevented me from loading this page in the future.

The following screenshots show two versions of the new Morfik website loaded, side-by-side. The screenshot on the left is with JavaScript enabled and the one on the left has it disabled.

Notice, how dispite having a few differences, both screen shots are quite similar.

It is clear that some new technique is being employed in the construction of this new website and the widespread presence of such large functional changes leads me to believe that the website is the result of some serious tweaking to the Morfik Framework or the Morfik compiler, or even both.

Whatever internal version of AppsBuilder Morfik may have used to create the new website, it is clear to me that Morfik has made a new breakthrough in how the browser side of an application is generated. I’ll continue to look for new details I might have overlooked when I was searching the website for signs of other changes or new features.

Regardless of finding anything else, this new website seems to indicate that Morfik is moving its research and development into solving some of the structural limitations related to Ajax usage, just as when they were the first to solve the history (back/forward) list navigation issue.

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2 Responses to New Morfik site: hidden clues of what is to come…

  1. Emin says:

    I have also realized this and posted to Morfik forum. This is a very important issue keeping many of us (I believe) using Morfik in websites that require Search Engine Optimizations.

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    Yes, this is a very important issue for just about anyone using Ajax techniques.

    Search engines are extremely important for people building database-driven websites, rather then web-based applications.

    I’ve personally implemented two small websites with Morfik and would be very happy to have this issue solved once and for all.

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