New features in Morfik 2.1

Aram Mirkazemi, Morfik’s CEO and main architect, presented a new list of features for Morfik AppsBuilder 2.1, in a recent forum post. This post presents an interesting list of features that which Mirkazemi says will be available by the end of the second quarter of 2009.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Page Architecture and Search Engine Optimization – Pages are a new kind of project object. During the beta phase of AppsBuilder 2.0 there was a period where a Page object was available as well. This might be a refinement of that concept.

2. Plug-in architecture for controls, downloadable plug-ins – It seems that Morfik will be making available sample plug-ins to demo the usage of this architecture, when 2.1 is released. The only sample specifically identified is a plug-in for handling user authentication. This new architecture will form the basis for new and more powerful controls.

3. Editable continuous forms – This is presented as a subitem of the previous one in the original post, but anyone that has done any serious development with Morfik AppsBuilder should know that it deserves a special place of its own. This will be available as a third type of form (single, continuous and now grid).

4. Push button XApp hosting platform – This service is supposed to be available in a similar time frame to AppsBuilder 2.1 and will in fact require it in order to be used.

5. C# Support – A version of Morfik AppsBuilder using C# as its programming language is supposed to be available when 2.1 is finally released.

Another item of interest in the post is that the update to the Morfik documentation has been delayed and should not be available in the same time frame as 2.1.

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2 Responses to New features in Morfik 2.1

  1. costel.iordan says:

    Any ETA on version 2.1?

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    The last information made public seems to suggest that it will be making an appearance at the end of this month or early August.

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