Sometimes simple isn’t really simple at all

This afternoon I was working on creating a hierarchical visualization for a set of data, using Morfik. Essentially, what I wished to accomplish was a tree-like representation of a rather complex set of data.

Well, Morfik being a tool that is geared towards the creation of data-driven applications it seemed just too easy. I had a friend sitting besides me and I smugly thought to my self that I would show him just how easy it is to create such a representation in Morfik.

Two hours later I was still trying to achieve the results I wanted, though not due to any fault of Morfik AppsBuilder. If anything, AppsBuilder made things too easy. So easy that I simply didn’t bother to build my data access as I should have done, instead I just went for visually creating a query with a subquery. Then I got bogged down when in some situations the query did no return the result set I expected. I spent most of those two hours trying to coerce this query into giving me the information I wanted, when I wanted it, to no avail.

It was then that I decided that it would probably be simpler, not to try to be so simple minded. In about ten minutes I had writen a stored procedure which gave me exactly the result set I expected, when I expected and had it plugged-in to my Morfik application.

Normally I would argue that using a visual query builder is simpler than hand coding your own data access in stored procedures, however, in this specific case the exact opposite is true. There are several good tools in the market for direct manipulation of Firebird databases, inclusing some free ones. If you haven’t tried out some of these tools, I recommend that you do so as it is not possible to create triggers or stored procedures from within the Morfik environment.

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