Morfik Developers Day in Brazil

I’ve been invited by a local Morfik user to present a series of sessions, in a day long event, about Morfik AppsBuilder. This user, Fabiano Costa, got the idea from a recent post where I mentioned my presence at the Firebird Developer’s Day event that happened recently in the city of Piracicaba, in Brazil.

I had not doubts about accepting the invitation, even though I have no real idea of what the number of interested people in the region is like. I have a long standing passion for Morfik and can’t really resist an opportunity to talk about the product. (As any readers of this blog might have noticed.)

So… It seems that Brazil will be the first country to have a Morfik Developer’s Day, which should happen in September. Hopefully, Morfik 2.1 will be out by then and I’ll have even more interesting things to talk about.

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