A Morfik wish list

While chatting with a friend, a few minutes ago, I started making up a small Morfik wish list. These are a few things I miss in the current version of AppsBuilder and that I have not seen mentioned in the list of things expected to be available for the 2.1 release. It occurred to me that if I don’t tell people about them, the chance of one of one of them ever finding its way to a future release of AppsBuilder was slim at best.

So, here we go…

  1. Spell checking for the text in TextLabels. Ideally this would be visible in form design mode, but I would settle for having it work in the dialog box where you enter the text for the caption property.
  2. The ability to bind any property to a database field. For example, binding the Visible property of a control to a boolean (true/false) field.
  3. A visual way to design page navigation for the application, which would automatically generate navigation menus. I remember that this was in my wish list for 1.0, but I’m sure it was too soon for it back then. Now that Morfik AppsBuilder is a more mature product with a much more sophisticated IDE, the time could be right for something like this.
  4. Easy integration with Google Analytics. This is a great and free tool for following the access patterns to your website.
  5. Explicit support for database stored procedures. Stored procedures are great for accomplishing any number of tasks, including data retrieval and while it is possible to use them through pass-through queries it would be enormously helpful if we could see the available stored procedures in the current database in the Morfik Project View and choose one of them as a data source for Form.
  6. Input field masks, formatting and data validation. Having tool support for handling data input is validation, while not critical websites which have few input Forms, is critically important for business applications.

I’ll stop at this point. Having an active imagination I could go on forever. These are some of the more important things (apart from the visual navigation which would just be nice to have), which I did not see mentioned in the list of improvements that we can expect for the 2.1 release.

Does anyone else have any other “practical” suggestions for the future?

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