Morfik AppsBuilder 2.1 is coming…

Most users of Morfik AppsBuilder should by now be aware that a new release is expected soon. Version 2.1 promises to be feature packed with lots of interesting new options and capabilities. As soon as version 2.1 is released, I’ll be writing and posting to MorfikWatch a series of article, covering the new features that were introduced in this version.

These articles are intended to be a general description of how to use the new features, for those who are not yet full time Morfik developers or just coming into the Morfik world. Experienced users who use Morfik in their day-to-day work should have little difficulty in finding out about the new features by themselves but may also save some time by going through these articles first.

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5 Responses to Morfik AppsBuilder 2.1 is coming…

  1. gald says:

    i hope they had add the google seo, grid and treeview

  2. anon says:



    "comming" should be "coming".

  3. Mauricio Longo says:

    Thanks Anon! Fixed it.

  4. Michael says:

    So – do you know when this fabled release is, well, to be released? Excited to see what is actually included in the final version. I'm really hoping for a grid control.

  5. Mauricio Longo says:


    The fabled release should be out very soon now. I know that the folks at Morfik are working very hard on its QA, as the number of changes is considerable.

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