Integrated Hosting + Powerful Visual Design = Morfik 2.1

I wish I could say that I took the time to experiment with Morfik’s Integrated Hosting service, but that would be largely overstating what I, actually, did. Once you go have your project ready for deployment, the process is as simple as following a Wizard. The main decision I was required to make was the sub-domain name that I would use with my account.

Not surprisingly I chose MorfikWatch :-) as the sub-domain name for my Morfik hosted applications. After just a couple of clicks I had the application compiled and deployed as shown in the following picture.

Deploying an application couldn’t really be much simpler than that.

When you combine this ease of getting a ready application deployed with the traditionally easy Morfik visual design, you get the one of the best possible solutions for deploying small sites and applications. In fact, the power of the visual designer in Morfik 2.1 has been further enhanced with the ability to customize more in more detail how effects are applied to controls in creating styles.

The combination of the ease and power of visual design with the ease and speed of the Integrated Hosting might come to attract a good number of freelance web designers to become Morfik users.

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