Morfik 2.2 is out and looking good.

Morfik has just released version 2.2 of its line of AppsBuilder tools.  This new version has some very interesting new design features including graphical zoom in the form designer and a bunch of new graphical effects for the background of your websites.

Also changed in this version is how the form designer handles bands.  The thick, three dimentional, band delimeters have been replaced by thin lines which interfere much less with your visualization of the design you’re working on.  The band names are now indicated outsite of the actual form design resulting in a much cleaner view of your work.

Morfik removed the sliding effect its panels used through out the IDE and the panels no longer pop out without being clicked on.  This is a feature I have been long requesting as I always considered the old behavior distracting and many times annoying.

The list of enhancements is quite extensive, specially those related to packages and widgets which I will explore in more detail in a follow up post.

Download and try out this new version.  It should be worth your time.

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