Interface building with Morfik: Multi column continuous forms

A blog post by a disgruntled Morfik user, complaining about not being able to create anything but the most basic websites without resorting to Web Methods and manual control creation led me to the conclusion that many of Morfik AppsBuilder’s most interesting features go by unnoticed  by many.

One of the features that I’ve seem people make very little use of is the multi-column continuous form.  This kind of form allows us to create interfaces that resemble Morfik’s own “Project View”  In an application I’ve recently been involved in creating, we use this feature for maximum effect.  In one point, for example, we allow the user to choose the icon that will represent a certain entity within the application’s database.  The icon selection form that is shown in the following picture was quite easy to create.  The whole feature is actually composed of two forms.

Using nothing more than the MouseOver style configuration we can apply a nice rollover effect to let us know which icon we are about to select.

The same technique can be used to create other kinds of views for presenting information in your application. The following picture, for example, shows how data from several months is presented and color tagged according  to specific business rules.

In order to try out these possibilities just experiment a bit with the ColumnCount proprety of a continuous form.  I recommend that you try it and see what you can come up with.

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