Interface Building with Morfik: A Treeview like interface sample

In another recent article about interface building I mentioned that it is not difficult to create a treeview-like interface with Morfik, primarily through visual design.   As an example I used a few screenshots from an application that I have been working on but for which I cannot make the source code available.

In order to help anyone that wants to build something similar I created a small sample project that just implements this single feature.  The following picture shows what the sample looks like.

This sample is available for download in all three languages supported in Morfik AppsBuilder 2.2, through the following links:
This is the first time I have used Morfik FX 2.2 to create projects in the other two languages.  If you have any problem using either the Basic or C# version of the project with Morfik BX or CX, please let me know so that I can look into it.
UPDATED:  There really is no need for the Tree nodes to have the border around them.  How they look is entirely up to your creativity.  I kind of did it this way, in automatic mode, because in my applications I need to have this area well defined as I change the background color for each node based on certain business rules.  
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