Setting somethings straight…

It was recently called to my attention that some people might have an incorrect perception of my relationship with Morfik, so I thought it would be best to make sure everyone got the correct information.

While I did work with Morfik as an advisor and then for Morfik, under contract, for a period close to two years, I no longer have any sort of affiliation with that company.  While at Morfik I worked on some of the business planning, product features design, IDE design and the documentation.  Today I am an active Morfik user.  I use Morfik daily in the construction of two websites and a complex corporate dashboard, multi-application, project.

The fact that called my attention to this possible confusion was that in posting a comment to a blog post I logged into WordPress with an account that was created while I was working for Morfik and which still had the email address listed in its profile.  This lead to the original poster to have thought that I still had some affiliation with Morfik. I have corrected that profile, but it occurred to me that other people might, also, have gotten such an impression.

I am quite proud of having had the privilege to be a part of  a team with such talented professionals as those in the Morfik team.  While at Morfik, I got to know a lot of good people and made great friends.  This however, has nothing to do with with what I write about Morfik.  If I did not believe that Morfik is a great product or if I didn’t use it my self, I wouldn’t write about it.

Unfortunately, due to communications difficulties, created by geography, Morfik being in Australia and me being in Brazil, I had no choice but to stop working for the company.  Since then, because I like the product and because I believe in what that team can accomplish, I’ve set my self to organizing communities of users and writing this blog.  I’ve recently, also, become more active in posting to the Morfik forums as I have been spending a good portion of my time working in actual development.

I hope this information makes my relationship with Morfik clear to everyone.

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