Process Orchestration with Morfik

The ease with which you can create an appealing Web based application interface with Morfik makes it an ideal tool for rapid prototyping.  It is possible to go from scratch to a full application interface in the space of a few hours.

When you combine this with the ability to easily import Web Services you have the makings of what could become a powerful tool for process orchestration.  Morfik makes it very easy for you to write your own Web Services and tends to make the usage of third party Web Services. These capabilities can combine to make it a prime environment for putting creating applications that provide the glue for creating useful applications out of Service Components.

I am quite confident that the same team that made Morfik a great visual design environment for creating sophisticated interfaces could surprise us with the ability to visually design the interaction of Web Services with one another and with the application’s browser side components.   This would move Morfik one step closer to enabling even non-developers to create useful Web applications.

A project I’m currently engaged in, makes extensive usage of Web Services and is actually divided into several different Morfik Web Application projects.  Many times while implementing some functionality in this project I wished Morfik had the orchestration features of specialized Business Process Management (BPM) tools.  When using specialized BPM tools I always wish I could be easily tying the processes to an interface that that was designed with Morfik instead of looking like they were done by first week Web developers from 1995.

This is not the first time that these thoughts have occurred to me, as I remember writing a post about it back in January.  Perhaps if I keep coming back to this topic, my dream will become a reality in a future Morfik X release.

NOTE: Yes German, I know.  There is an issue to be solved with importing WSDL files which contain definitions for more than one Web Service. ;-)

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2 Responses to Process Orchestration with Morfik

  1. Donald Shimoda says:

    Be fair, I don't open my mouth!
    I want it working with remobjects, yet. ;)

  2. Mauricio Longo says:

    I am! I support your wish to see it working with RemObjects, but I couldn't resist. :-)

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