Christmas present for Morfik users: A new build ( is available

Morfik has released build just in time for it to make good Christmas gift. :-) I have certainly been eagerly expecting this new build, which  is bug fix release with a few small incremental improvements.

Among these fixes is one that is particularly dear to my heart which corrects a problem with the refresh method of lookup combo boxes.  This particular issue had me doing an annoying workaround to get the desired “chained” combos behavio so that a list of cities is updated depending on which state the user selected.

Also among the enhancements and bug fixes are improvements in handling incorrectly formatted XML as to minimize the possibility of exceptions when parsing XML returned from another application.  It is now also possible to consume Morfik generated XML in NuSOAP (PHP) server implementations.

Its great to see that Morfik is testing compatibility with other SOAP and Web Service implementations. Though implementing a standard should be all that is necessary to ensure you can interact with all players in the market, in truth it isn’t as there are always subtle differences in implementations that might cause problems.  Interoperability with other SOAP implementations is very important and it is one area where I hope to see more testing and development from Morfik.  While my own applications are generally entirely implemented in Morfik, there are countless situations when introducing a new application into an existing corporate environment where the knowledge that you can interact with other systems is priceless.

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