New update available for Morfik

The latest release of Morfik came out with a couple of small, but show stopping, bugs. These issues which affected how popup Forms were displayed, and how pure browser and Linux applications were compiled.

The overall impact was a total show stopper for anyone developing a static website or an application for deployment to a Linux server and so Morfik rushed to correct these problems and release an update as soon as it was too possible.  This update comes in the shape of a patch that has to be applied over a previous installation of Morfik FX, BX or CX

The patch is fairly small at around 7 MB in size and pretty much mandatory for everyone as it also fixes a couple of issues that were introduced in regarding the usage of continuous Forms in a popup and an old standing issue with the repositioning of the navigator when forms are resized horizontally.  This patch will update your Morfik to build

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