Gather around the Morfik water cooler…

As we start a new year, I feel we should try out new things.  MorfikWatch has been up and running for over a year now, and I’d like to make the interaction between the blog and its readers more dynamic and foster more direct interaction among Morfik users.
To start this out I was thinking of doing a voice and screen presentation/discussion about the design features of Morfik, aka “how to make your application look good”. :-)
If you are interested participating, please let me know by sending me a message.  It would be important to know where you are, specially what timezone as readership seems to be pretty much scattered all over the planet.

UPDATE: I had some problems when I created this email account on gMail and it is was not working properly.  This is solved now and the account seems to be working okay. As soon as I noticed this I pulled the article from the blog.  Sorry for the inconvenience of any returned emails.

We can call this the modern day version of  the conversation around the water cooler.
I’m looking at the possibility of setting up other on-line sessions with other presenters, covering a variety of  topics about Morfik development, deployment, hosting, etc…   Have you got any interesting ideas or suggestions?
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