The power of links…

Since Morfik 2.x came out, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several small and one large projects using it.  I also updated a couple of my older projects from Morfik 1.x, adding some of the new effects and replacing the code previously necessary to implement them.

It was just over the past couple of weeks that I really took it upon my self to fully port an existing application to the new Links+URLs philosophy of development and interface building in Morfik 2.x. It is a very different thing to build a small application using these new features and porting an existing application.  If nothing else, the former gives us an opportunity to see how much code we’re making obsolete.

I can tell you that it was a lot of code.  Even though the application was already quite tidy, employing just the essential code necessary to create the functionality an visual effects I wanted for a basic content management system.  A basic application to run a website with variable content, without requiring the application to be recompiled.

In an application with some 12 to 15 Forms combining the use of styles, URLs and Links I was able to remove some 90% of the code related to the interface.  That was some 300 to 400 lines of code.  All made superfluous by publishing some URLs and then setting the Link property for the right controls.

This experience gave me a much better feel for just how useful these new features as it made me really appreciate how much effort they save me.  If you haven’t taken the time to explore URLs and Links, I certainly recommend you do so.

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