Morfik Chats – It was good fun…

I think it was a good experience for everyone that took part in one of the Chat sessions about Morfik. It was good to get to know better some of the people I’ve run across in the Morfik Forums or in the Morfik community at

I hope to have chat sessions with those who have already shown themselves interested in sharing a bit of their experience with other developers and that more people will join with us, in more sessions in the future.

If you missed this first opportunity but would like to participate in the future, drop me a line.  While I did have some information about interface building with Morfik to share, most sessions had great moments of general discussion about Morfik.  Please feel free to suggest topics of interest for future discussions.

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One Response to Morfik Chats – It was good fun…

  1. Darryl Strickland says:

    I enjoyed the chats. When will you have another scheduled? I would like to see more information on importing Delphi units.


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