Localization coming our way…

In case any of you missed it, there is a new post in the official Morfik blog which provides a peak at a localized application.  In this case its the Morfik Security Package that has been translated into several languages.

While it was not made clear what is the time frame for this feature to become available in a production release of Morfik, it is good to know that Morfik will be providing the basic infrastructure to enable easy application localization.     This is so not only because a good deal of business do have customers and users in many countries but also because there are a lot of developers using Morfik to create web based software products.

While this has never seemed to me to be special target audience for Morfik, the product does lend itself quite well for the creation of web based versions of traditional software applications with its binary back-end and browser code obfuscation.

For the developers of such software localization can be a very real requirement and having to implement it without any tool support isn’t really fun. This is certainly a welcome addition to the tool set available to the Morfik developer.

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