Big packages day at Morfik: 4 new packages are available

It seems to be a big day for packages at Morfik as they have released four new packages to the subscribers of the Morfik Developer Assist program.

These packages include classes and widgets for adding AdSense, YouTube videos, Amazon S3 storage (including an uploader widget) and polished Accordion widget package.

These packages are all available from the Morfik website on their packages page.

Morfik seems to picking up the pace in releasing new packages, as this brings the total available now to eight.  It is interesting to note that all these packages are created with Morfik itself and from what was described recently by Aram Mirkazemi, Morfik’s CEO, we should expect that the package/widget infrastructure will be further enhanced in version 3.0. 

You can read all about these packages as well as get links to samples in this post on Morfik’s official blog.

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