Morfik releases several new sample applications

Morfik has just made available several new applications for download from their website. These applications provide more examples on how to use several techniques which are new to the Morfik 2.x branch such as published URLs and Links.  The following is a list of the new samples they’ve released:

  • Morfik Reports is a cut-down version of the AjaxSMB Project. It only includes Reports and is currently downloadable as part of the Morfik Reports video in the eLearning center. 

  • Morfik CMS is a simple Content Management System that can be extended to run almost any content-driven website. This example is used throughout the Database_Guide of the MorfikWiki to demonstrate everything from table structures to how to build the user interface. 
  • MorfikCRM takes the classic user interface from a desktop Customer Relationship Management system and morphs it into a 100% Ajax user interface.
  • Morfik CSV shows how to export data from a table in your project to a CSV format file. This is a good example of server-side programming and includes some SQL coding.
  • Morfik Registration is a simple project for registering users. It includes a routine to send an email upon registration. It also ‘Checks fonor Duplicates’ and includes ‘Captcha’ to ensure registration is done by a real person.
All these samples and others can be downloaded from Morfik’s sample projects page.
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