New opportunities for Morfik applications

I thought this was a good moment to discuss some interesting possibilities that are opening open for people who develop rich Internet applications without resorting to plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight.   If you have followed some of the hype that has been bubbling all over the Web about Apple’s new iPad, you will be hard pressed to have missed the point that it doesn’t support any such plug-ins.

In fact, the lack of Flash support has been one of the most hit on criticisms against the iPad.  Now, how is this interesting for the readers of MorfikWatch?  Well, let’s consider this.  Several major websites that make use of Flash have been scrambling to get rid of it, instead of getting rid of the millions of people that are expected to get an iPad between now and the end of this year.

What this means is that many new initiatives for creating rich Internet applications that might use Flash or Silverlight, will have to reconsider those possibilities due to the millions of people that will not be able to access the application or website using the latest, hotest device on the market.  What are the available alternatives?  Essentially, there is only one: Ajax.

As the most sophisticated development tool set for the creation of Ajax applications, Morfik is a great tool to help to build the next wave of Internet applications which will be highly interactive and run without issue on the iPad’s built-in Safari browser.

So, if you haven’t considered this yet, you might want to start thinking of how you can best make use of the fact that you are already familiar with a great tool for creating “iPad Ready” websites, as Apple is now calling websites that don’t use Flash.

This is a great moment for Morfik developers.  Morfik has been releasing new packages which enhance the functionality that can be easily added into Morfik applications and is forging ahead to deliver the next major version of  Morfik FX/BX/CX soon, as has been mentioned in the Morfik forums.  Add to all this that the demand for pure Ajax applications is about to increase dramatically and you will see things are looking more and more promising for Morfik developers.

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