Long absence…

I’ve been absent from my regular blogging about Morfik for a while now.  I have been involved with two major projects in the past three months and this has taken a toll in the number of posts I’ve done since February.

I’m currently preparing to move MorfikWatch to the same blogging platform as the iPadWatcher.com blog, which will make things easier for me in the next step in the evolution of this blog.

I have several plans for the near future of MorfikWatch and moving the website to a more flexible platform is a big part of them.  I really would have preferred to write the whole site from scratch in Morfik, but for now I’ll settle with just getting MorfikWatch out of blogger and onto a WordPress based infrastructure that allows me much more freedom in how I can publish not only regular posts but longer and not as time constrained articles.

Stay tuned for the new MorfikWatch coming to a browser near you…

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