Welcome to Morfik Watch 1.9!

Welcome to the new version of the Morfik Watch blog.  It has been a long time in coming and to tell the truth it hasn’t quite landed in full yet.  That is why I gave it the 1.9 version number.

Almost two years ago I created Morfik Watch to write about everything remotely related to Morfik.  Almost at the same time I created some communities for Morfik users, using the free services of Ning.  I was never really happy with Blogger, the publishing platform on Which Morfik Watch was based or Ning.

This new version of Morfik Watch will attempt to unify the blog and the communities in a single website.  I am still looking into importing all the user accounts from the Ning communities and I hope to get that working.  This new version of Morfik Watch is based on WordPress 3.0 and the plug-in for importing Ning accounts hasn’t been verified for this version, which was just released a few days ago.

Hopefully the necessary plug-in will be verified soon and I’ll move across everyone’s account.

Due to some conceptual differences between the old and new blogging platforms I will need to put some more effort in organizing the new features I plan to have on Morfik Watch and you should notice that the structure and navigation will be in flux for some time.

Thanks for reading Morfik Watch!

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