7th Firebird Developer’s Day

In just under two weeks I’ll be traveling to Piracicaba, a town in the Brazilian state of São Paulo to attend the 7th Firebird Developer’s Day.  This event has been held once a year for the past six years, bringing together Firebird users from all over Brazil.

It is by no means a small event, even though its attendance is mainly restricted to Brazilians, the number of people at the event is generally in the range of 550 to 700.  Considering that Piracicaba is not a large metropolis, most attendees have to travel great distances to reach the location of the event, which doesn’t seem to discourage many.

In this year’s event I will be presenting a session on the creation of Web applications using Morfik 3 and Firebird.  This year I plan to go through all the steps involved in creating a functioning application so that attendees can get a good idea of what is involved in using Morfik 3 to create rich web applications that interact with Firebird databases.

If you are a Brazilian Morfik user and can make the trip, join us in discussing Firebird techniques, usage scenarios and the new features of the next release which  is now in Release Candidate status.

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