Altium to acquire Morfik

I’ve been away from this blog for a while as I’ve been putting a lot of work into two projects. Having spent the past two months working on a business process consulting project at the same time I have been writing a new book has left me with very little time for my more casual writing projects.

The announcement of Morfik’s acquisition by Altium is reason enough to bring me out of the woodwork and comment a bit.   The news has been spreading around the IT news sites quite rapidly.

I’ve seen all kinds of comments on the Morfik forum, with both positive and negative outlooks on the acquisition.  Both are to be expected as developers tend to feel very strongly about their chosen tools and programming languages, but I believe the general outlook in this case should be quite positive for Morfik users.

Altium is a software development company that shares a lot in common with Morfik and is probably one of Morfik’s oldest partners/customers.   Just this bit should be enough to ensure the more pessimistic that Altium will be using Morfik in its own development.

Another important aspect that can be glimpsed from the news that has already been published is the fact that Aram, Morfik’s CEO will become the person responsible for Altium’s research and development.  Here is a quote from ComputerWorld Australia. I’ve pasted in the most relevant bit.

Morfik’s CEO, Aram Mirkazemi, will join Altium’s executive team as chief of engineering and will be responsible for helping define research and development strategy and directing product development.

Though, I haven’t had any information about this deal being in the works other than what I’ve read in the news, I happen to know Aram personally and I really do not believe that he would remotely contemplate the idea of merging the company if there was any intention of doing anything but strengthen the Morfik product.

Aram is a very intelligent person that is as committed to a vision of the future of the Web as any I’ve met in the past and I am confident that he is making this move based on that move.  If he was just interested in caching in on his investment in Morfik, as he himself put in a post in the Morfik forum…

I will respond to specific concerns tomorrow but I will address the comment about Morfik selling out. If our aim was to sell out would we have not chosen a company with a greater buying power?

There has been no shortage of companies interested in investing or outright buying out Morfik over the years, so I guess he really could have made that choice. :-)

I’m looking forward to more news about the acquisition, as I’m looking forward to more news about the next Morfik 3 beta.  There should be more interesting times coming ahead for Morfik developers.

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