Altium changes Morfik licensing

Okay, the news is two days old now… I’m sorry it took me so long post about it, but I’ve gifted with a very bad case of the flu for the past couple of days.  It isn’t easy to formulate an informed opinion, much less write about it when you are running a high fever and having difficulty to breath.

Now that I’m a bit better, I can come out and say it:  I love it!

Morfik has always been built on top of a great technology base, and has grown considerably in sophistication and capabilities with each subsequent release.  The product has attracted a number of software developers and ISVs which see the clear advantages of having a single tool with which to do all their Web development work and that creates redistributable binaries.

All that said, the fact that there are so many bits of free software available on the ‘net makes a lot of people shy away from even looking at commercial tools.  With Morfik being now effectively free, I expect we’ll see a lot more new people and companies checking out the tool and eventually joining the community.

Morfik has been rolling out quite a number of additional packages for the tool, which nicely provide ready made functionality, but which are not a requirement for the creation of great apps.  These packages help developers save a lot of development effort in creating great looking applications or implementing frequently used services such as user authentication controls.

The cost that has been set for participating in the support program should not represent a problem for just about anyone that has decided to use Morfik professionally. This program provides a nice way to get access to libraries which provide sophisticated, ready-to-use, functionality for developers to incorporate into their applications.

This certainly seems like a good move by Altium and one which should help bring a lot more attention to Morfik.

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3 Responses to Altium changes Morfik licensing

  1. Celio says:


    Porque não temos mais posts aqui no seu Morfik Watch ?



  2. I have been extremely busy over the past several months, which has left me very little time for writing. I’m essentially waiting for the next release of Morfik to be made available in order to write about it and the things you can create with it.

  3. M Reale says:

    Some people here just started talking about using Morkfik in our (Brazilian) company. There are exciting features in the core, the IDE richness and the multi-language approach is really engaging. But even being on the road for ten years, we cannot see a very clear commitment about it’s roadmap and all the buzz around for a prime-time tool. Being free of charges is a huge step forward, of course, but what ISVs can expect about the future of this technology ? There are major software companies in Brazil using Morfik in its core business ?


    M Reale

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