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MorfikDev and Morfik Brasil networks moving to Morfik Watch

If you have been member of either the MorfikDev or the Morfik Brasil networks in Ning, I wish to welcome you to Morfik Watch.  Due to changes in policy by Ning it was becoming unfeasible to maintain both networks and this website, … Continue reading

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Morfik seems to be stirring again

It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything on MorfikWatch.  Not too long ago someone asked me about it and I replied that I wasn’t posting because there wasn’t much to write about. After releasing Morfik 3.0 and … Continue reading

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Altium changes Morfik licensing

Okay, the news is two days old now… I’m sorry it took me so long post about it, but I’ve gifted with a very bad case of the flu for the past couple of days. It isn’t easy to formulate an informed opinion, much less write about it when you are running a high fever and having difficulty to breath. Continue reading

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Altium completes the acquisition of Morfik

Australian tech sites are reporting that Morfik’s acquisition by Altium has been completed. I understand that the acquisition initiative had to follow specific procedures due to the fact that Altium is a publicly traded company and thus needs to comply with the corresponding rules. Continue reading

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Altium to acquire Morfik

The announcement of Morfik’s acquisition by Altium is reason enough to bring me out of the woodwork and comment a bit. The news has been spreading around the IT news sites quite rapidly. Continue reading

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iPad support, a great move for the future

In the first beta releases of version 3 we can see Morfik’s initial steps in support for the creation of mobile applications. The two major targets are the iPhone and the iPad as can be clearly seen by the specialized views in the Morfik debug browser. Continue reading

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7th Firebird Developer’s Day

In just under two weeks I’ll be traveling to Piracicaba, a town in the Brazilian state of São Paulo to attend the 7th Firebird Developer’s Day. This event has been held once a year for the past six years, bringing together Firebird users from all over Brazil. Continue reading

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Morfik 3 Pages and Page Templates

An article describing the usage and creation of Page Templates in Morfik 3 has just been published here on Morfik Watch. Continue reading

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Welcome to Morfik Watch 1.9!

Welcome to the new version of the Morfik Watch blog. It has been a long time in coming and to tell the truth it hasn’t quite landed in full yet. That is why I gave it the 1.9 version number.

Almost two years ago I created Morfik Watch to write about everything remotely related to Morfik. Continue reading

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Morfik 3 and mobile development

If you haven’t downloaded the beta version of Morfik 3 you should stop wasting your time.  Morfik 3 introduces a new page templates feature which let you easily create reusable layouts and basic page configurations. This is really useful in … Continue reading

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Morfik 3 goes into beta

Morfik has just made available for download from their website the first beta version of Morfik 3. This is the next major version of the company’s flagship product and as the more recent posts to the official Morfik blog indicate … Continue reading

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The never ending move…

It’s incredible but this move is going to end up taking up a whole month, rather than a 3 days as I had anticipated. As I was starting the process I had an issue with the new server and that … Continue reading

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Morfik Watch is moving…

The process of moving MorfikWatch to a new home has started.  Over the next 24 to 72 hours it should be complete.  During this period there might be some moments when the website is unavailable or available with only partial … Continue reading

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Long absence…

I’ve been absent from my regular blogging about Morfik for a while now.  I have been involved with two major projects in the past three months and this has taken a toll in the number of posts I’ve done since … Continue reading

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New opportunities for Morfik applications

I thought this was a good moment to discuss some interesting possibilities that are opening open for people who develop rich Internet applications without resorting to plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight.   If you have followed some of the hype … Continue reading

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MorfikWatch #100 – Two new packages from Morfik

Morfik has announced in its official blog the release of two new add-on packages that are available to members of its Morfik Developer Assist Plus program.  These packages allow the user to include Amazon Ads in their applications as well … Continue reading

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Morfik auto-deployment agent available for beta testing

Morfik is making available its auto-deployment agent for beta testing.  Morfik has decided to release this agent as a product to facilitate the process of deployment to corporate servers for its users as well as to make it easier for … Continue reading

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Big packages day at Morfik: 4 new packages are available

It seems to be a big day for packages at Morfik as they have released four new packages to the subscribers of the Morfik Developer Assist program.These packages include classes and widgets for adding AdSense, YouTube videos, Amazon S3 storage (including an … Continue reading

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Morfik releases several new sample applications

Morfik has just made available several new applications for download from their website. These applications provide more examples on how to use several techniques which are new to the Morfik 2.x branch such as published URLs and Links.  The following … Continue reading

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Morfik Chat/Discussion

We are a bit late in having out chats about using external code in Morfik and I apologize to all the people that have written in interested in taking part in on of the sessions.  This has been really my fault as … Continue reading

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