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Watch out for Morfik 3.0

In a recent post in the official Morfik blog Aram Mirkazemi, Founder and CEO of Morfik, announced that the next major version of Morfik should be released in the second quarter of 2010.  While specific details aren’t yet available, Aram … Continue reading

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OpenID integration

Morfik made available yesterday to subscribers of its Morfik Developer Assist (MDA) program a new package for integrating with OpenID providers.  This enables developers to create applications which rely on the services of OpenID compatible authentication to allow access to … Continue reading

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Chat/Discussion session for February 2010

It’s time for another round of online chat/discussion sessions on using Morfik and this time around our invitation is in the form of a video. If you are interested in taking part in one of the sessions, please drop me … Continue reading

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Localization coming our way…

In case any of you missed it, there is a new post in the official Morfik blog which provides a peak at a localized application.  In this case its the Morfik Security Package that has been translated into several languages. … Continue reading

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Deploying Morfik apps to Amazon EC2…

In a recent blog post, Shahram Mirkazemi of Morfik gives an extensive explanation of the first steps required to deploy a Morfik application onto an Amazon EC2 instance.  In his article he uses a Fedora Core 8 base image to … Continue reading

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Morfik Chats – It was good fun…

I think it was a good experience for everyone that took part in one of the Chat sessions about Morfik. It was good to get to know better some of the people I’ve run across in the Morfik Forums or … Continue reading

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Some Morfik history and background…

Yesterday a good portion of the history of Morfik was detailed in a nice blog post by Shahram Besharati, in the new Morfik Blog.  If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do so as it provides a nice … Continue reading

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The power of links…

Since Morfik 2.x came out, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several small and one large projects using it.  I also updated a couple of my older projects from Morfik 1.x, adding some of the new effects and replacing … Continue reading

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A menu control finally coming to a Morfik near you?!

A new post that appeared today on the new Morfik blog showcases a menu system that is being developed for the next major version of Morfik.  The lack of an actual menu control has long been one of the most … Continue reading

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On-line discussion sessions

I was amazed by the response to my invitation to share some experiences through an on-line session/discussion.  I’ll wait a couple more days for any stragglers and then I’ll be getting in touch with everyone that showed interest in participating … Continue reading

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Morfik blogs on the move…

If you missed this so far, you might want to look into Morfik’s new blog website.  It seems that the people at Morfik will be posting with some regularity, as there have been four posts since the start of the … Continue reading

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Gather around the Morfik water cooler…

As we start a new year, I feel we should try out new things.  MorfikWatch has been up and running for over a year now, and I’d like to make the interaction between the blog and its readers more dynamic … Continue reading

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A great 2010 for Morfik and for all of us…

We are reaching the end of a year which saw a lot of evolution in Morfik.  The intermediate releases of the 2.1 and 2.2 series brought out a number of new features and helped other features more fully mature.  This … Continue reading

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New update available for Morfik

The latest release of Morfik came out with a couple of small, but show stopping, bugs. These issues which affected how popup Forms were displayed, and how pure browser and Linux applications were compiled. The overall impact was a total … Continue reading

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Christmas present for Morfik users: A new build ( is available

Morfik has released build just in time for it to make good Christmas gift. I have certainly been eagerly expecting this new build, which  is bug fix release with a few small incremental improvements. Among these fixes is one … Continue reading

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Process Orchestration with Morfik

The ease with which you can create an appealing Web based application interface with Morfik makes it an ideal tool for rapid prototyping.  It is possible to go from scratch to a full application interface in the space of a … Continue reading

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Making the case for anonymous methods

I don’t know about you, but I make a lot of use of WebMethods when developing a less than trivial Morfik application.  WebMethods are extremely useful and actually quite easy to use, once you’ve got the hang of it. Depending … Continue reading

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Setting somethings straight…

It was recently called to my attention that some people might have an incorrect perception of my relationship with Morfik, so I thought it would be best to make sure everyone got the correct information. While I did work with … Continue reading

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Interface Building with Morfik: A Treeview like interface sample

In another recent article about interface building I mentioned that it is not difficult to create a treeview-like interface with Morfik, primarily through visual design.   As an example I used a few screenshots from an application that I have been … Continue reading

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Interface building with Morfik: The database is your friend…

Morfik AppsBuilder is pretty much built around the concept of a data-driven application.  If you can get a specific information set out of the database, you should be able to present it with class in a Morfik application. Though I’ve … Continue reading

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