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New opportunities for Morfik applications

I thought this was a good moment to discuss some interesting possibilities that are opening open for people who develop rich Internet applications without resorting to plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight.   If you have followed some of the hype … Continue reading

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Morfik Chats – It was good fun…

I think it was a good experience for everyone that took part in one of the Chat sessions about Morfik. It was good to get to know better some of the people I’ve run across in the Morfik Forums or … Continue reading

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The power of links…

Since Morfik 2.x came out, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several small and one large projects using it.  I also updated a couple of my older projects from Morfik 1.x, adding some of the new effects and replacing … Continue reading

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Getting the most out of Popup forms

Morfik AppsBuilder makes it very easy to use popups, but knowing exactly how to get the desired effect or appearance might not be immediately obvious. I noticed this, just this week, during a conversation with a friend. I’ve, personally, developed … Continue reading

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New Morfik site: hidden clues of what is to come…

Doing a quick scan of the new Morfik website, searching for a specific bit of information I noticed that as I moved my mouse over links, their corresponding URLs/Paths were shown in the statusbar. If you haven’t yet noticed, this … Continue reading

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Where is the Ajax?

One of the most telling signs that Morfik is really achieving its goal of making the creation of web applications easy is how little you see the word “Ajax” employed anywhere were Morfik users are involved. I remember telling Fuad … Continue reading

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The strengths of an HTML based application

Recently, in visiting a website which was entirely built with Flash, I was reminded of some discussions I had about the weaknesses of such an approach and consequently of the corresponding strengths of doing it all in HTML. This really … Continue reading

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Web based applications should look like websites

The title for this post, obviously, reflects my opinion, but it is not just a wild guess. Through the years I have worked with a lot of different web based applications, from many different vendors. I have seen a great … Continue reading

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Web development for desktop developers

Morfik AppsBuilder completely changes the rules of the Web development for people with experience in desktop software development. This was one of the first that jumped at me when I saw my first demo of AppsBuilder. Before Morfik came along … Continue reading

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Thoughts on how Morfik AppsBuilder 2.0 came to be and where it is going…

Through all of the current decade, application implementations have continuously moved to a web-centric model. Most applications created are now “web-based” even when their sole purpose is to be usage inside a corporate environment. This choice mainly derives from the … Continue reading

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What is Morfik?

I decided to start this new blog answering the simple question: What is Morfik? Morfik is a company from Australia which created the most advanced web development tool available in the market, called Morfik AppsBuilder. As it happens most users … Continue reading

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