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Morfik Chats – It was good fun…

I think it was a good experience for everyone that took part in one of the Chat sessions about Morfik. It was good to get to know better some of the people I’ve run across in the Morfik Forums or … Continue reading

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Process Orchestration with Morfik

The ease with which you can create an appealing Web based application interface with Morfik makes it an ideal tool for rapid prototyping.  It is possible to go from scratch to a full application interface in the space of a … Continue reading

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Interface building with Morfik: The database is your friend…

Morfik AppsBuilder is pretty much built around the concept of a data-driven application.  If you can get a specific information set out of the database, you should be able to present it with class in a Morfik application. Though I’ve … Continue reading

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A Morfik wish list

While chatting with a friend, a few minutes ago, I started making up a small Morfik wish list. These are a few things I miss in the current version of AppsBuilder and that I have not seen mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Morfik Languages: C# or something else?

Anyone that has taken an interest in Morfik AppsBuilder 2.0 knows that it is available in two editions: FX (Pascal) and BX (Basic). That is huge change to what you would find in AppsBuilder 1.4 which supported four different languages … Continue reading

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New features in Morfik 2.1

Aram Mirkazemi, Morfik’s CEO and main architect, presented a new list of features for Morfik AppsBuilder 2.1, in a recent forum post. This post presents an interesting list of features that which Mirkazemi says will be available by the end … Continue reading

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Extreme expectations – avoiding frustration

I had an interesting chat with a fellow developer who was frustrated because he had to do a lot of programming work, in order to create a business application with Morfik. At first I was a bit puzzled, but as … Continue reading

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