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Making the case for anonymous methods

I don’t know about you, but I make a lot of use of WebMethods when developing a less than trivial Morfik application.  WebMethods are extremely useful and actually quite easy to use, once you’ve got the hang of it. Depending … Continue reading

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Interface Building with Morfik: A Treeview like interface sample

In another recent article about interface building I mentioned that it is not difficult to create a treeview-like interface with Morfik, primarily through visual design.   As an example I used a few screenshots from an application that I have been … Continue reading

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Morfik update released

Today, Morfik released version as an update to all versions of AppsBuilder. This is the first of several updates to be released. The update file is only about 6.5MB in size and can be easily and quickly downloaded and … Continue reading

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Morfik 2.1 has been released

Morfik has just made version 2.1 available for download. Along with several new features which were added to the existing FX and BX versions of AppsBuilder, a whole new version has been released. Morfik CX uses the C# language for … Continue reading

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For Basic developers that want do Ajax: Morfik Basic

Morfik Basic is one of the language syntaxes which are supported by Morfik AppsBuilder 2.0. More specifically it is the language syntax used by Morfik BX which is one of the versions of AppsBuilder 2.0 released last month. If you … Continue reading

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Morfik 2 comes in two flavors

Morfik AppsBuilder 2.0 comes in two flavors: BX for developers used to working with the Basic languages and FX for users used to working Object Pascal. Differently from Morfik 1.x, where a single product allowed you to create projects in … Continue reading

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