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7th Firebird Developer’s Day

In just under two weeks I’ll be traveling to Piracicaba, a town in the Brazilian state of São Paulo to attend the 7th Firebird Developer’s Day. This event has been held once a year for the past six years, bringing together Firebird users from all over Brazil. Continue reading

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Interface Building with Morfik: A Treeview like interface sample

In another recent article about interface building I mentioned that it is not difficult to create a treeview-like interface with Morfik, primarily through visual design.   As an example I used a few screenshots from an application that I have been … Continue reading

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Interface building with Morfik: The database is your friend…

Morfik AppsBuilder is pretty much built around the concept of a data-driven application.  If you can get a specific information set out of the database, you should be able to present it with class in a Morfik application. Though I’ve … Continue reading

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Firebird Developer’s Day

Yesterday I presented a session on data organization and modeling for websites at the 6th Firebird Developer’s Day, in Piracicaba, Brazil. This is an annual event that draws in from five to seven hundred people, every time. As with the … Continue reading

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Sometimes simple isn’t really simple at all

This afternoon I was working on creating a hierarchical visualization for a set of data, using Morfik. Essentially, what I wished to accomplish was a tree-like representation of a rather complex set of data. Well, Morfik being a tool that … Continue reading

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Opportunity: Database admin tool for Firebird goes on sale

It was called to my attention, by a MorfikWatch reader, that Database Workbench Pro, from Upscene productions, will go on a special sale next week. This was born as a Firebird/Interbase administration tool and evolved into a fine tool for … Continue reading

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