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The power of links…

Since Morfik 2.x came out, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several small and one large projects using it.  I also updated a couple of my older projects from Morfik 1.x, adding some of the new effects and replacing … Continue reading

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New Features in Morfik 2.1

Morfik 2.1 has a large number of new features. Some of these features are quite impressive while others are just small, though significant, improvements in existing features. Lets look at the small improvements first. These encompass those small details that … Continue reading

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Morfik 2.0 needs a "clean" theme

Having experimented with several of the built in themes in Morfik 2.0 I came to the conclusion that it should have a theme with more of a “clean” look. I really like the some of the themes that are bundled, … Continue reading

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Morfik 2 Popup Customization

Morfik AppsBuilder 2.0 allows you to extensively customize what HTML popups will look like.  This is done by inserting a Popup control onto a form, changing its formatting and properties to reflect what you want it to look like and … Continue reading

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